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Hi I’m Renee. I wear many hats including social media manager, copywriter, content writer and a qualified librarian. I am a happiest with a book and some snacks… hence this site!

CMV and me.

CMV is a virus with potentially devastating effects. Here is my experience…

Interstate Histories: Parramatta NSW

Originally posted on Instituting The Past:
While we are a Victorian History Library we do hold information on areas outside Victoria, to complement the Victorian history collection. An example is this history of Parramatta. Thanks to our volunteer Renee for the insight into Parramatta’s fascinating history. ? For this local history article, we will be…

El Deafo by Cece Bell

Being deaf can be pretty raw deal for someone wanting to live a full and happy life. Describing deafness in illustrated form requires an understanding of how it feels to be deaf in the first place. Cece Bell describes the journey very cleverly in her illustrated world using the graphic novel genre to her advantageContinue reading “El Deafo by Cece Bell”

The Victorians

The Victorian authors we know of today are largely overshadowed by the works and beliefs of Queen Victoria. Whatever they have written it will always be synonymous with the Victorian age. While most of us remember being told the Victorian age was a time of repression and docility, it was also a time of massContinue reading “The Victorians”

Wrap up of Canadian Lit studies

So this week I write my final essay on Canadian literature. While it has been a learning experience literature wise that’s not the greatest curveball I’ve found within this subject. Canada has a fantastic mix of nationalities, socio political issues. and literary and artistic tradition. One of the struggles that has been encapsulated is theContinue reading “Wrap up of Canadian Lit studies”

The Power of Food

Why I love food isn’t exactly a mystery, its what keeps me alive. So why is it that the thing that keeps us is alive something that creates so much passion and diversity around the world? When people discuss their travels, the food is one of the most memorable aspects of the adventure. You rememberContinue reading “The Power of Food”

About me…….

About me…….. A coffee fiend, obsessed with literature and chocolate and really good, good food! I like a good debate about a good book so academic or personal opinions on books are always welcome…xx

My First Blog Post!

I never even dreamed of having my own blog, until this morning driving to work. I had three takeaway coffee’s in my car and I realised that the things in my life that made me happy were the simple things like the smell of fresh coffee, new and old books and amazing food. I believeContinue reading “My First Blog Post!”

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