My First Blog Post!

I never even dreamed of having my own blog, until this morning driving to work. I had three takeaway coffee’s in my car and I realised that the things in my life that made me happy were the simple things like the smell of fresh coffee, new and old books and amazing food. I believe that in the end its these little things that really make life so enjoyable.

Im currently studying at university to become a librarian and I am so excited, scared and happy to be doing something with my life that I actually want to do. So while I’m studying  i’ll be blogging about my English lit studies, the books, teachers and any adventures that studying affords me! There will be much food, recipe and coffee talk as these are the things that keep me going! Any mean spirited comments will be deleted so please be nice šŸ™‚ But plenty of discussion on books, food and coffee will be more than welcome! Till next time šŸ™‚ xxx

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