Hunt for the Troll by Mark Richardson

 Hunt for Troll is mainly set in San Francisco and centres around a game software developer who is first visited in a dream from The Troll. And that’s just the start. It’s a wild ride!

Richardson explores the line between humans and technology, and also how far are we willing to go to see technology progress. Microchips in brain to enhance programming ability is one such example of futuristic technology that is brought into the story in a very well developed way that doesn’t make it seem unnatural. 

It’s really well written with fantastic plot events introduced naturally and that’s not an easy feat in a technology-fantasy novel. I liked the characters but felt some of the supporting characters could have been developed more but it was a decent length so it would have extended the book further. 

A great debut novel and I look forward to seeing what Richardson writes next!

5/5- it had me hooked and I HAD to finish. 

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