Star-Crossed by Minnie Darke

This story follows Justine and Nick, who are the offspring of very close friends who live in the same town. Justine and Nick grow up together in the town of Edenvale until Nick’s dad accepts a job offer elsewhere and life changes for Justine and Nick. They meet again as fully grown adults in Alexandria Park, Sydney. Except for a family holiday, it’s been over a decade since they last saw each other. 

Nick is still a dreamer and has become an actor /server. Justine studied journalism and is now a copyeditor at the locally famous community magazine. Justine is fastidious and abhors spelling errors, even correcting retail signs in her local market! (I must admit, I saw myself a little here). It turns out that Nick is a huge fan of astrology. And in particular, the astrologer, who writes the columns for her magazine. Justine spies an opportunity and chaos reigns. 

Darke’s characters are lovable and relatable. They let their fears control their decisions, as many of us do in our lives as well. On the outside, Justine is bright, capable and in control. However, her fear of rejection gets in her own way, time and time again. Nick likes to leave his decisions based on the actions of outside forces, but deep down he knows what wants. Instead of acting on his own wants and desires, he decides based on what he thinks he should do. 

Darke highlights the way words and predictions can mean different things to different people. A horoscope forecast can seem straightforward in its direction to one reader, but to another, it can take on an entirely different meaning. Darke also shows that people move in mysterious ways. We can know people our entire lives and yet they can act unpredictably. 

I really enjoyed reading Star Crossed, the characters were well developed and relatable. I found the decisions of the characters to be interesting and found myself hoping for their success and happiness. It was an enjoyable, easy to read novel and I loved all the references to the Bard (Shakespeare) throughout the novel. 

Buy Star-Crossed here.. Enjoy!


* I have not received any renumeration or compensation for this review.

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